Aligning Training with Company Goals

Article Author: Cordell Riley, Partner and President, Tortal Training If you are investing money in training, it makes sense to teach your workforce to perform the tasks that align with your most important current priorities. After all, why would you only train employees to do things that don’t support your current objectives? Yet many companies do exactly that… A retailer is losing customers and needs to turn that situation around. It currently is spending more than 90 percent of its training budget teaching its employees to use its cash registers and run other systems. Why doesn’t that company deliver training [...]

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Training Sells! 3 Keys to Get New Franchisees Started

Young and growing franchise organizations have many responsibilities to handle: • Assembling the right team/selecting the right partners • Fully documenting the operating system • Forming supplier relationships • Registering with appropriate state and local agencies • Announcing and marketing the opportunity to own a franchise • Establishing a new and/or larger online presence This is a long list of essential things to do, but there is one more activity franchisors must be thinking about too: franchise development. Franchise development means starting to bring new franchise owners on board. There are many moving parts in this process: creating a strong [...]

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Six questions to ask before you launch your next training program

Article by Cordell Riley A lot of excitement starts the day you say, 'Let’s create a new training program for our employees.' Everyone on your top executive team has suggestions and ideas. Everyone wants to weigh in, make plans and help create the training that results. That enthusiasm is both valuable and awesome. Yet before you drop the flag and get your people racing off in different directions, here are some very basic questions to weigh. What is my goal for this training? Are you trying to train your salespeople to sell more or to create greater customer loyalty? Are you [...]

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